Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cultivating a Mindset of GROWTH

Mindset: GROWTH

With a mindset of GROWTH you will:
  • Be more open to new experiences
  • Discover new learning in past experiences
  • Find out even more about yourself and others
  • Be better able to learn from and embrace challenges
  • Believe there is always room for improvement
  • Expand your comfort zone and achieve new goals

Cultivating a mindset of GROWTH can be one of the most empowering changes in your life - it can also be somewhat terrifying. Growth and change tend to go hand in hand and most people tend to avoid change. Many people like to know what to expect and when to expect it. Surprises are great when opening presents, but not necessarily as exciting when they deal with our future. The reality is that we can never fully anticipate how things will unfold for us. Life is unpredictable and has as many twists and turns as the Old Hana Highway (a notoriously curvy road on the island of Maui that has been the result of many bouts of car sickness for me!).

While we can't necessarily predict the future, we can learn how to navigate our lives in such a way that is more peaceful. One of the ways to do this is embracing the mindset of GROWTH.

Here are some simple tips that will help you CULTIVATE A MINDSET OF GROWTH:
  1. Welcome and INVITE feedback from people. This can take some practice if you tend to be sensitive so go slowly. There is something so powerful about accessing many perspectives through constructive criticism and feedback. It not only helps you see areas for improvement, but it reminds you that there are always new and different things you can do to improve.                   FEEDBACK = GROWTH! 
  2. Take the time needed to PRACTICE whatever it is you are working on. If you are learning knitting take time regularly to knit. Same with a sport, a new language or even a change in your mindset. We tend to get frustrated when we don't see the growth we desire immediately. However, growth takes time, which is why we say "cultivate a mindset of growth." Think of what it takes to grow a plan - it needs, water, food, sunlight and most of all time.                                                                            PRACTICE = GROWTH!
  3. Learn to see FAILURE as a step in the right direction. Failure means you are taking risks, giving things a shot and, in a word, GROWING. Each time you try something and it doesn't turn out the way you had hoped or intended you are learning.                                                                                        FAILURE = GROWTH!
It is that simple. Cultivating a mindset of growth requires feedback. practice and a willingness to fail.

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