Monday, August 27, 2012

Tapping Into Your Spirit of Adventure

This Week's Mindset:

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It's fun to hear from different people what they think is adventurous. For some, it's all about testing their bodies - runs, hikes, bike rides, surfing, etc. Or it can be about traveling to exotic places or maybe doing (crazy, at least in my mind) things like sky diving or bungee jumping. No matter what kind of Adventure you choose and whether it is big or small, it's really the Spirit that accompanies the concept that we can learn a lot from. So, take a moment and think back to the last good adventure you had. Maybe it was earlier today, last week or last year. What about that adventure made it so good, would you say? What are some of the elements that were present that made it really feel like an adventure?

In general, one of the most fundamental things about Adventure, is that it brings an element of excitement with it. Whether it's something dare-devil like or perhaps an everyday unknown for us, it still feels exciting. There's that feeling of new-ness and/or possibility. What will happen if I do this?, you might think. There might be uncertainty, which can feel scary AND exciting at the same time. And there can also be an air of playfulness around it--that feeling of play that we sometimes forget about in our daily lives.

One part of the spirit of big adventures is the feeling of testing our limits. It could be argued that the more you are testing your limits, the more adventurous it feels. I remember when I went to Sweden in 2002. I'd lived there before, but never on my own. I decided I wanted to try that and to try teaching Business English (also a new thing for me). I had a temporary place to live (for a couple weeks) and I had some ideas for work, but nothing concrete or stable at all. So I went off - figuring it would all work out & if it didn't, then I'd just go back home to California.

For some people, going off to another country with 2 suitcases is very brave. For me, mostly it just felt adventurous. It did bring up the feeling of testing my limits in some ways. In this case, it was the limits of living with the unknown - having a general idea of the work I wanted and just knowing that things would fall into place in terms of somewhere to live and a job that I liked. It did work out. And there were plenty of smaller adventures along the way. For me, this period of my life was full of the adventure spirit - excitement, new-ness, exploration, learning & growth.

So, now over to you...what are some of your favorite types of adventures? Is it time for a new big adventure in your life? Perhaps you'd like to start a list of some of the adventures you'd like to experience at some point in your life. Go ahead...start that list right now.

Janette Valentino is a Certified Professional Life Coach who works with clients around the world. With her MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), she spent 11 years working at the university level and in the corporate world with students and executives -- supporting them in their personal growth related to language development. With the shift to coaching, the focus changed a bit while the qualities of support, fun, creativity, encouragement and inspiration that Janette brings to work with clients became even stronger. Coaching is like going on a journey and having lived in Europe in four different periods for a total of 18 years, Janette knows a lot about journeys. She loves to be a traveling companion to her clients on their personal journeys of exploration and discovery -- whatever the destination. Janette has made and had many big changes in her life and is passionate about coaching people through changes (either ones that have happened or want to happen) and the transition process that follows. She can be reached at

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gratitude for the Science Geek - With a Little Woo Woo on the Side!

This Week's MINDSET

Gratitude isn't a new mindset. In fact, the way we talk and think about gratitude has become almost cliche.  Every other  magazine article and self-help guru seem to be encouraging an 'attitude of gratitude.' WHY? What is all this gratitude hoopla about?

Turns out there is scientific research showing the benefits of gratitude. And if you are anything like me - a combination of straight up hippie woo-woo and science geek - you like to know there is something quantifiable and factual to support the good vibe you are seeking. In fact, there is A LOT of research on the benefits of gratitude. I am not going to talk about each of the studies highlighted below - instead see the links below with a brief explanation next to each one. These represent a tiny fraction of what is out there. Check them out, read the data and research, observe the findings, and when you feel like you have enough evidence, read on and I will share my favorite reasons to adopt a mindset of gratitude! Finally, sign up for a FREE TRIAL of MyMindset this week and experience a daily dose of gratitude questions, quotations and coaching!

  • Gratitude strengthens your immune system, making you healthier and less susceptible to stress-related illnesses (which account for as much as 90% of all visits to the doctor) - including cancer and heart disease which are the leading causes of death.
My favorite reasons to adopt a MINDSET OF GRATITUDE (the 'woo-woo' part):
  1. Gratitude magnifies positive emotions and calls us to celebrate what IS, which helps us be more present. Gratitude allows you to notice what is around you.
  2. Gratitude encourages you to release control by reminding us to accept life as it is and be grateful for what we have.
  3. Gratitude is an amazing and effective antidote to comparing your life to someone else's. It reminds you that you don't need to 'measure up' to a standard set by our families, friends or the media. You are exactly where you need to be.
  4. Gratitude is a reminder that you get to choose how you translate your life. You always have a choice about how you look at things or how you 'spin' things. Choose gratitude.
  5. When we choose a mindset of gratitude we are letting the people around us know that we are open to growth, change and possibility. It helps you be open to opportunities, more gratitude, positive energy and new ideas.  
What inspires YOU to adopt a mindset of GRATITUDE? Share your stories at would love to share them in a future blog post!

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Hannah Hollett is a MyMindset Coach as well as a parenting, life and business coach. She can be reached for question, comments or a complimentary personal coaching consultation at

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Magnifying Mirror

This Week's Mindset is: SELF-AWARENESS

The Magnifying Mirror

It’s easy to get frustrated when you just can’t see like you used to. I use to watch my mother applying her make up and plucking her eyebrows with her magnifying mirror. I remember thinking that will never happen to me. Well, like they say never say never!  Today, I’m officially the owner of not one, but several, magnifying mirrors.  Each time I look at one I’m reminded that I have officially reached mid life! Ouch!

I recently was traveling with a friend who saw me using my 10X magnifying mirror and she said “why do you want to see your face so close up?”  She said she would rather not look at any part of her face that close.   I said “I would rather see ‘what is’ than be in denial.” I’m not afraid to see my wrinkles.

Aha! The magnifying mirror! What else do I need to see more clearly? For most of my life I feel as though I have conformed and lived the life I believed I was “supposed” to live. Like all the good robots that surrounded me, I spent each day going through the motions. I spent much of my life experiencing guilt for feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and at times pretty depressed - after all, I had so much to be grateful for in the eyes of others!

At 50, I feel empowered to see life through my own eyes, to look closer and question how I am living. No longer do I ask “how should I feel”? Today, I ask “how do I really feel?”. I know that whatever I discover I can handle it with ease and acceptance. I know that the information I uncover will give me a greater sense of peace and happiness. The answers to my questions will take my hand and lead me where I want to go. Freedom replaces frustration when I’m able to admit..I want this, or I think this, or I feel this without any fear.

Becoming honest is not just an act of self-awareness, but an act of self renewal.

My magnify mirrors are no longer a reminder that I’m growing older, they remind me I'm growing wiser. They remind me to keep looking inside and zoom in every day on who I am and what I want. They are a reminder to live in alignment with what I discover and notice how much more beautiful I become! It is so true that your inner beauty is your true beauty!  This is a beauty that costs nothing and cannot be taken away with age!  A beauty that has the potential to only get better!

Tami Carbone is the CEO and Founder of Tami is passionate about helping people overcome limiting beliefs and live from their hearts and has been coaching them to do just that for over a decade.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012



With the Olympics in full swing we are all familiar with the stories of athletes who have overcome challenges, defied the odds and 'made it happen!'

What motivates them? What drives them to train for hours and hours a day? Is it the chance of a medal hanging around their neck? The possibility of million dollar endorsement deals? The recognition of their peers and fans? Or is it something far more pure - perhaps the JOY of doing what they love?

We can spark motivation in lots of ways, but maintaining motivation often requires a shift in mindset. How do you take your motivation from the spark to the lasting flame?

When motivation is paired with INSPIRED ACTION we are much more likely to stick with it. In fact, inspired action compels us, drives us and can even feel effortless.

The key to maintaining motivation is to look at the thought that is driving the action. Let's look at a simple routine like daily exercise. What motivates you each day? Your thoughts around this will likely fall into one of two categories - positive (inspiring) thoughts or negative (fearful) thoughts.

  • Negative/Fearful Thought: I don't want to be a failure and a slacker. I am going to haul myself out of bed and get this over with!

This thought can motivate you in the short term. You will likely get out of bed. But how long will it last? We are hard-wired to avoid pain. The fearful thought that if you don't exercise you will be a failure will only motivate you until your desire to avoid pain becomes too strong - at which point, you will STOP EXERCISING!

  • POSITIVE/INSPIRING THOUGHT: I make time for exercise because I love how it makes me feel and I want to keep experiencing that!

A positive thought can create a LASTING HABIT and motivate you to take INSPIRED ACTION. It leaves you feeling proud, happy and generally at peace. Because it isn't attached to pain it as more staying power.

So many of us have been led to believe that motivation comes from accessing our inner critic or drill sergeant.  And then we wonder why we are unmotivated to maintain a routine or healthy habit. Again, we are wired to avoid pain. We will tolerate it and even convince ourselves it is the only way, but eventually we will simply STOP.

Where could you use some positive motivation and a shift in your mindset? What inspiring thought can help you create a lasting habit?

Hannah Hollett is a MyMindset Coach as well as a parenting, life and business coach.