Monday, August 13, 2012

The Magnifying Mirror

This Week's Mindset is: SELF-AWARENESS

The Magnifying Mirror

It’s easy to get frustrated when you just can’t see like you used to. I use to watch my mother applying her make up and plucking her eyebrows with her magnifying mirror. I remember thinking that will never happen to me. Well, like they say never say never!  Today, I’m officially the owner of not one, but several, magnifying mirrors.  Each time I look at one I’m reminded that I have officially reached mid life! Ouch!

I recently was traveling with a friend who saw me using my 10X magnifying mirror and she said “why do you want to see your face so close up?”  She said she would rather not look at any part of her face that close.   I said “I would rather see ‘what is’ than be in denial.” I’m not afraid to see my wrinkles.

Aha! The magnifying mirror! What else do I need to see more clearly? For most of my life I feel as though I have conformed and lived the life I believed I was “supposed” to live. Like all the good robots that surrounded me, I spent each day going through the motions. I spent much of my life experiencing guilt for feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and at times pretty depressed - after all, I had so much to be grateful for in the eyes of others!

At 50, I feel empowered to see life through my own eyes, to look closer and question how I am living. No longer do I ask “how should I feel”? Today, I ask “how do I really feel?”. I know that whatever I discover I can handle it with ease and acceptance. I know that the information I uncover will give me a greater sense of peace and happiness. The answers to my questions will take my hand and lead me where I want to go. Freedom replaces frustration when I’m able to admit..I want this, or I think this, or I feel this without any fear.

Becoming honest is not just an act of self-awareness, but an act of self renewal.

My magnify mirrors are no longer a reminder that I’m growing older, they remind me I'm growing wiser. They remind me to keep looking inside and zoom in every day on who I am and what I want. They are a reminder to live in alignment with what I discover and notice how much more beautiful I become! It is so true that your inner beauty is your true beauty!  This is a beauty that costs nothing and cannot be taken away with age!  A beauty that has the potential to only get better!

Tami Carbone is the CEO and Founder of Tami is passionate about helping people overcome limiting beliefs and live from their hearts and has been coaching them to do just that for over a decade.


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