Friday, February 1, 2013

Go Ahead and Dish it Out, But Serve Yourself a Helping Too! Are You Taking Your Own Advice?

MyMindset: I listen to and take my own advice.

What advice do you frequently offer others that would also benefit you?

I am the advice QUEEN! I will say, that I rarely give it without being asked, but people ALWAYS ask me for advice. I am just one of those people who is a magnet for people seeking a bit of support, advice, help and direction. It really is my calling. My kids’ teachers ask me for advice, people at the grocery store, my family members, friends, acquaintance, complete strangers - everyone. I generally try to refrain from telling them what to do and instead tell them what I might do in a similar situation and I often put on my ‘coaching hat’ and don’t give advice at all, but instead help them uncover their own best advice. Because, I truly believe that, at our core, we all know what is best for us. In fact, when I do give advice this is usually what it is: Stop and really listen to your body - you know what to do. It will feel right - not necessarily easy, but right.

Would I be better off if I stopped and took this advice that I so generously give to others? Hell yes, I would! Not only would I be more at peace, I also wouldn’t be on committees that don’t serve me, I wouldn’t be getting together with people who drive me crazy, I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed and busy, and I wouldn’t be agreeing to things that don’t fill me up and inspire me. 

Today I will LISTEN AND TAKE MY OWN ADVICE. I will tap into my intuition and trust that I have the answers I seek. I will embrace Cicero’s brilliant words: Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.
Now it’s your turn:
What advice do you frequently offer others that would also benefit you?

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