Monday, July 16, 2012

MyMindset News - Week of July 16th

Beginning Monday, July 23rd we will no longer offer an evening reflection question. Look for a new and improved version of this feature to return in the fall of 2012!

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Did you know that each of our MyMindset Coaches is available for individual coaching sessions?

Is there a particular coach that seems to just 'get' you? Are you ready to work on a specific area of your life even more intentionally? Check out each of our coaches, their specialties and what they offer. Then contact them to set up a complimentary coaching call and hear about their offerings and packages. Check out our coaches and their information below:

Jarlin Sung is the founder of Self Love Coaching and a Martha Beck-trained life coach who helps successful men and women who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled find their unique purpose and live an authentic life of joy and happiness. She regularly provides advice on how to live a purpose-based and joyful life via her weekly Shine & Illuminate eZine. Are you ready to discover your life purpose? Sign up for your subscription at and receive Jarlin’s 21-day Awaken Your Inner Guide self-study program FREE! If you are interested in private coaching with Jarlin, please contact her at 408.982.6110 or to set up a 60min FREE "get-acquainted" call!

Beth Chen is a certified life coach who specializes in working with clients in career transition.  She has particular experience in helping people downshift from a demanding professional career to a more balanced life, and the financial and lifestyle changes that come with such a change.  Having downshifted from being a lawyer in large firms in New York City and Washington DC, she now helps her clients tune in to their own inner wisdom and handle objections from friends and family who may be scared about the client's new path.  For more about Beth, visit her website at www.bethchencom.  From her site, you can sign up for her newsletter and book a free 30 minute consultation to see if working with Beth is right for you.

Heather Sobieralski is a Board Certified Coach and Counselor who supports women in creating more to life than their chosen roles.  She recognizes that when you take care of everyone and everything else you often completely neglect yourself.  As a result, you can lose passion, energy, direction and sanity! She challenges you to explore who you are in addition to "mom", "wife" or "employee."  Heather inspires you to eliminate existing believes about how you think you should be living and encourages you to define your core values so you can effectively set your priorities and goals.  She will guide you in exercises that focus on your identity and the necessity of self-care while effectively balancing your motherload of responsibilities.  When you get extremely clear about the life YOU want to live, you become immensely happier- and as a result, become more present and engaged in all areas of your life and roles.  You can learn more about Heather by visiting or by contacting her directing for a 30 minute complimentary session at

Janette Valentino (Coach Janette) is a Certified Professional Life Coach who works with clients around the world. She specializes in supporting people through transitional phases in their lives, whether these result from internal or external changes. Whatever the transition, the focus is always on helping people find the 'more' that they are looking for. Janette knows from experience that life is too short to live it in a way that is 'just fine'! You can find out more about Janette and her coaching by visiting her website, There, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter, read her blog or book a free, 30 minute consultation. You can also reach her directly at  

Hannah trained and certified to become a Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck, best selling author, O Magazine columnist, and pioneer Life Coach. Her background in Education, Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Parenting Instruction make Life Coaching a natural progression. Hannah's passion for helping others has always been at the forefront of each path she has taken. Hannah is the mother of two children who inspire her daily - to be more patient, to be more calm and to ask even better questions. She is also married to a Science Teacher who keeps her grounded in the present while still supporting her love of all things "woo-woo." She is also the very proud  COO of Hannah assists people in navigating transitions and challenges while simultaneously helping them uncover their true path & passion in life., 

Anna has over a decade experience in providing both individuals and families with guidance, resulting in an overall better quality of life. She also leads group seminars on public speaking, anxiety/stress-reduction and self-confidence and assertiveness trainings. Anna is trained and certified by Dr. Martha Beck; life coach and columnist for Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine. If you feel like life is one big compromise and you are struggling to find peace and joy, Anna is the coach for you. With gentle intuition and customized exercises she will help you move forward and enable you to live your true life. Anna is fluent in English, Dutch and German. You can reach anna at:
 or Phone: + 31 6 43548079

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